Three countries, three currencies and…[my engagement!]

This post isnt strictly wedding related but I feel that I have to share it with you guys so here goes….

Me and Jess haven’t been on a ‘proper’ holiday for a few years… we have been lucky enough to get abroad but only on a  few enjoyable short breaks to Europe with some really great friends of ours.  I was therefore easily persuaded when Jess came to me earlier in the year and asked if we could go somewhere exciting this summer. We have talked about going back to Asia ever since our brilliant holiday in Thailand several years ago…

We kicked off the holiday by flying from the UK to Kuala Lumpa in Malaysia and had a bit of city time, we then flew to the beautiful island of Penang before flying to Singapore – a truly amazing city! so clean, so friendly, so safe… so expensive!  We then flew to the gorgeous island of Kho Phi Phi in Thailand, an island so small there are no cars, motorised vehicles or indeed roads! It was on this island where something very special happened.. I took the plunge and asked Jess to marry me!

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  • Jon S6 - loving this mate! And congrats again

  • admin - Cheers Jon, only edited about a tenth of my photos from the holiday so far.. more to come at the weekend 😀

  • Sarah Uxbridge - Congratulations Tom! Brilliant photos, I love asia!

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