New York City

Mobile phone camera technology has come a long way since I first took pictures on a mobile phone in 2002 with a flip out VGA camera. At the time the camera was little more than a gimmick, the picture quality was poor and produced postage stamp size images! Roll forward 12 years and the things are very different.. here are a selection of photos taken and edited on my iPhone from a recent trip to NYC.


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Emma & Sam | Kew Gardens, London | Wedding

This is the story of Emma and Sam’s recent wedding at the beautiful Kew Gardens in London. My day started with Emma, her mum and her bridesmaids at the rather gorgeous Hilton London Syon Park hotel. Nestled on the edge of 200-acre Syon House Estate, Syon Park is a scenic country escape, seven miles from the city of London and the suites are pretty epic! The wedding ceremony was held at St Anne’s church on Kew Green, a beautiful grade II* listed building. The reception was held shortly afterwards at The Royal Botanical Gardens – Kew Gardens.  Here are a selection of photos which tell the story of the day…


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Michael & Nicola | Mother of God Church & Thornbridge Hall | Wedding

My day started with Nicola’s family at the beautifully converted Albertine Barn in a remote Derbyshire valley.  I was welcomed by Pauline, Nicola’s mum who opened the door and led me up to Nicola who was having her hair done.  The bridal party were hugely hospitable and did a great job of looking after me whilst I was with them (sausage sandwiches for all!) After photographing Nicola’s beautiful dress I left the barn and drove to Mother Of God Church in Sheffield. This impressive and prominent Catholic church stands on one of Sheffield’s arterial routes and was a perfect choice of venue for Michael and Nicola’s beautiful ceremony.

Michael and Nicola left the church to a incredible covering of confetti from their 180 guests. The bride and groom, their families and all of the guests then made their way to the reception at the breath-taking thornbridge hall  in Derbyshire.  This private, family home was the perfect setting for their wedding and the gardens were idyllic for the drinks reception and lawn games which was flooded with sunlight on one of July’s hottest days. The styling in the Carriage House was sublime and food provided by the Larkspur St. James catering team was superb.

Michael & Nicola-4Michael & Nicola-70Michael & Nicola-29Michael & Nicola-60Michael & Nicola-31Michael & Nicola-36Michael & Nicola-21Michael & Nicola-23Michael & Nicola-94Michael & Nicola-103Michael & Nicola-123Michael & Nicola-132Michael & Nicola-139Michael & Nicola-160Michael & Nicola-172Michael & Nicola-176Michael & Nicola-189Michael & Nicola-202Michael & Nicola-219Michael & Nicola-221Michael & Nicola-223Michael & Nicola-238Michael & Nicola-240Michael & Nicola-253Michael & Nicola-273Michael & Nicola-309Michael & Nicola-316Michael & Nicola-325Michael & Nicola-340Michael & Nicola-356Michael & Nicola-364Michael & Nicola-366Michael & Nicola-376Michael & Nicola-384Michael & Nicola-389Michael & Nicola-393Michael & Nicola-402Michael & Nicola-410Michael & Nicola-414Michael & Nicola-419Michael & Nicola-427Michael & Nicola-439Michael & Nicola-442Michael & Nicola-450Michael & Nicola-460Michael & Nicola-471Michael & Nicola-488Michael & Nicola-490Michael & Nicola-505Michael & Nicola-544Michael & Nicola-568Michael & Nicola-575Michael & Nicola-584Michael & Nicola-590Michael & Nicola-591Michael & Nicola-599Michael & Nicola-609Michael & Nicola-616Michael & Nicola-639Michael & Nicola-705Michael & Nicola-710Michael & Nicola-722Michael & Nicola-743Michael & Nicola-748Michael & Nicola-750Michael & Nicola-779Michael & Nicola-865Michael & Nicola-942Michael & Nicola-879Michael & Nicola-905Michael & Nicola-932Michael & Nicola-933Michael & Nicola-937Michael & Nicola-938Michael & Nicola-810Michael & Nicola-817Michael & Nicola-828Michael & Nicola-838Michael & Nicola-854Michael & Nicola-780Michael & Nicola-800Michael & Nicola-971Michael & Nicola-981Michael & Nicola-1033Michael & Nicola-1034Michael & Nicola-1036Michael & Nicola-1037Michael & Nicola-1046Michael & Nicola-1052Michael & Nicola-1056Michael & Nicola-1063Michael & Nicola-1067Michael & Nicola-1070Michael & Nicola-1074Michael & Nicola-1094Michael & Nicola-1103Michael & Nicola-1113Michael & Nicola-1117Michael & Nicola-1203Michael & Nicola-1124Michael & Nicola-1136Michael & Nicola-1147Michael & Nicola-1165Michael & Nicola-1168Michael & Nicola-1177Michael & Nicola-1191Michael & Nicola-1198Michael & Nicola-1214Michael & Nicola-1218Michael & Nicola-1227Michael & Nicola-1258

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