Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?
I believe that weddings are a once in a lifetime event that should be photographed quietly, sympathetically and unobtrusively. My style of wedding photography concentrates on capturing the moments and details of your day in a mainly photojournalistic approach whilst also providing you with a selection of beautiful, modern portraits that will bring back memories of the day.

Whilst formal photos are important, very few people like to stand in a line and wait around for hours for multiple formal shots to be taken. For this reason I get formal photos done quickly and I make sure that you have fun with the portraits.  I strongly believe that a good wedding photographer should capture candid photographs of people laughing, crying, hugging and kissing – and all the little moments that so often go unnoticed.

What is a pre-wedding/engagement shoot?
A pre-wedding/engagement shoot is included with my full day package, it normally takes place a month or so before your big day and consists of a relaxed one or two hour portrait session. The pre-wedding/engagement shoot is not compulsary, it’s completely up to you whether you would like to have it or not. The shoot does however provide you with a chance to get to know me and become completly relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Pre Wedding/ engagement shoots also act as a great opportunity to go through all the finer, last minute details of your wedding day.

Who will be our photographer?
I am the sole photographer; however I sometimes bring along a assistant if the day requires one. Please contact me for further details should you be interested in having a second photographer for your wedding day.

Can we meet you first?
Yes of course, I prefer to meet you before you book me, this gives you a chance to make sure you get exactly what you want and it provides you with an opportunity to ask as many questions as you want.

Will you shoot any formal shots?
My style of wedding photography concentrates on capturing the moments and details of your day in a mainly photojournalistic approach, that being said, the majority of people normally request a small number of ‘more formal posed’ photographs.

I like to take the bride and groom away from everyone for half an hour after the ceremony at the start of the reception for a private portrait shoot. This will also allow you to have a few quiet moments at the start of your marriage and enable me to get a selection of more formal photographs. This is also an opportunity to take a small number of pre-arranged formal group shots with a limit of about 8 to 14 people.

How many pictures do you take and how many pictures will we get?
I take photos throughout the whole day, generally only stopping during the wedding breakfast. The quantity of photos taken is dependent on a range of factors (how many guests there are, the number of locations used throughout the day etc). I don’t set a maximum limit and will normally take in excess of 1000 photographs. A selection of the best images from the day are then individually assessed for colour and tone and many of the images are ‘tidied’ to some extent before any black & white options and colour processed options are created. I typically provide between 400 and 500 images.

How long before we get to see our pictures?

I will send you your edited, high resolution images on a DVD within 3 to 5 weeks of your wedding day. In addition to the DVD, a selection of the best photos from the day will be uploaded onto an online gallery which you can share with family and friends.

Is there an extra charge for digital manipulation?
Some editing is carried out on a complimentary basis. However if you require additional editing to enhance reality then charges are made on a per photo basis of £5. Enhancements can include the whitening of teeth, the removal of lines and the occasional nip and tuck. Additional digitally manipulated images can be ordered after you have received your DVD of edited photos.

Can you produce and provide us with an album of the finished images?
Yes, a selection of high quality wedding albums are available for an additional fee.

Can we print the pictures ourselves?
Yes! I give you permission to use the pictures for your own personal use. The disc I give you has print-ready images on it to allow you to print your own pictures or take them to a high-street shop to get copies. The images, within reason, can be printed as large as you like.

What equipment  and backup equipment do you use?
I shoot with a pair of professional Canon 5d mk2 cameras (21megapixel full frame DSLR’s) and a selection of Canon ‘L’ lenses. I also carry backup equipment and a huge store of batteries and memory cards!

Are you insured?
All of my equipment is fully insured and I am covered by both public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. Some council owned wedding venues require a copy of my public liability insurance certificate, if this is the case please simply let me know and I can print out a copy.

Did you study photography at university?
No, I’m self taught. I actually studied Architecture at university in Leeds for 5 years. I enjoyed designing buildings but it wasn’t the career for me. My passion lives in photography.

How can we book you?
If you are interested in booking me to cover your wedding, please click ‘Contact’ at the top of my website and complete the form. I’ll then get in touch with you and send you a copy of my brochure.